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Keskikuljetus Oy is a Finnish, family run, transportation business that was founded in 1959, today already employing family members of the third generation. The founders of the company had experience from waste transportation trade dating back as early as 1945. The history of Ralento Oy, the sister company of Keskikuljetus Oy began shortly after the Second World War. Ralento Oy became one of the leading companies of the waste management trade in the greater Helsinki area before its functions were sold, in 1992, to a major US based company in the sector, Waste Management Inc. We started working with the transportation and pumping of ready-mixed concrete in 1986, and these functions were continued under the name Keskikuljetus Oy when the waste management functions of Ralento Oy were discontinued. Today our fleet of concrete pumping units is modern, efficient and, consisting of 10 different units, suitable for virtually any kind of pumping task, be it big or small. In addition to Keskikuljetus Oy, owner Jukka Horkka also runs Pestimo Oy, a business specialised in the maintenance and importing of concrete delivery systems. Recently, Keskikuljetus Oy decided to revive its old trade name Ralento, and we are now using it widely in our visual image and marketing.

Our Services

Our customers are mainly major contractors and concrete suppliers that operate in the greater Helsinki area. Our main goal is to provide our customers with versatile and professional concrete pumping and delivery services and offer them the expertise that we have gained during the many years of working on this field.